Boat Service

Boat Service Request

Because we are a Nautique Boat Dealer, we will service and repair your new Nautique as well as taking care of any warranty issues you may have. We also will service most inboard make or model boats, not just Nautique boats. We follow specific inspections based on the hours you put on your boat. Our recommended inspections at 25 hours, 50 hours and 100 hours include (but not limited to) checking the ignition system and spark plugs, engine alignment and adjusting if necessary, service and replace fuel filters, change transmission fluid and oil change. 

We also inspect and service the cooling system, drive belt tension, exhaust system to check the condition and tightness of hose clamps, shift and throttle cable, battery cable connection, electrical system for dirty connections or loose wiring as well as impeller replacement. Our PCM certified service technicians attend yearly training to provide you with the best service possible and to get you back on the water in no time. Please fill out our boat service request form below to get started.

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